1.3. Downloading Text, Source Code, and Videos

Here are tables that summarize the links already described more fully in the last section, plus several further versions. The book has a primary site and a mirror, in case the first is down. The examples and videos are not mirrored.

1.3.1. Example Source Code and Videos

Source Code and Videos
Format URL
C# Examples (as pages) https://github.com/LoyolaChicagoBooks/introcs-csharp-examples
C# Examples (as ZIP) https://github.com/LoyolaChicagoBooks/introcs-csharp-examples/archive/master.zip
Videos https://luc.box.com/CSharpVideos

1.3.2. Primary Book Site (cs.luc.edu)

Available Book Formats (Primary Site)
Format URL
Web Pages http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/
Web Pages (offline ZIP) http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/download/html.zip
PDF http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/download/comp170.pdf
ePub (Experimental) http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/download/comp170.epub